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what's the deal 
31st-Mar-2009 12:08 am

 I've been feeling really out of it the past couple of days. Just like I'm not satisfied with myself and with the way things are going. I mean they were going really well, but now it's just kinda.... bleh.

I don't think he likes my friends. That really bothers me. I mean he has the right to an opinion but he doesn't have the right to talk about them that way. He doesn't even know them. And I don't know, it just is weird. I mean I'm really happy when I'm around him, but I don't want my friends not to like him because I've dealt with that before and they were right. I would hate to do that to them again. I guess we'll just see what happens! I'm soooooo ready for this summer. I'm tired of UT and of Austin and I just can't wait to go back home and enjoy life for a little while! At least it's only about a month until then

31st-Mar-2009 01:48 pm (UTC)
home sweet home :) that's good you're coming back!
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