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25th-Feb-2009 09:49 pm
I'm super excited about spring break! Only a couple weeks left until I get to finally enjoy the beach! This semester is going soooo much better than the fall and last summer, but I'm still leaving Austin in May :( I think the only reason I'm doing well is because I'm taking a butt load of liberal arts classes...

So many wonderful things are happening! It turns out we're going skiing in New Mexico for Christmas this year - I know it's still 10 months away, but I can't wait! I'm pretty sure Brandalyn and I are going to Europe with Mr. Boyd in summer 2010! Which is also a pretty long time from now, but I can't wait! I know none of my friends will be going with me, but Brandalyn will be there, and maybe my friends' absence will help me enjoy the beauty of everything even more. I learned about a lot of different artworks and buildings architecture that I can't wait to see and experience!

I've also kind of been talking to this guy, but I don't want to jinx it so I'm not gonna say anything else... :)
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